Perfect World.. Will we ever live to see one? I don't think so...

I was with Seph one Sunday at Makati Cinema Square Booksale searching for a good read when a fat white man approached me. He asked me if the author of the book I was holding was good. I told him i find some of the books not too good but the last one i read which was "Up Country" catched my attention. I was holding Demille's book, "Night Fall", and was looking for another book to buy. Being a good person I was, I entertained the man's questions. Here is how the conversation went:

PiggyMan: Is the author of that book good?
Me: I find some of his works boring but the last one i read was good. It was about Vietnam Veterans and a murder.
PiggyMan: Do they still have that book here?
Me: I don't think I saw one today. But at that shelf there are 2 books written by the author. You could check them out

I was like WOW! This man ordered me around. But still being a good Samaritan, I went to the shelf Seph was checking and asked him to hand me Demille's books. I went back to the man and gave him the books. Then, he left without saying thank you. I was so infuriated by what he did.

I started blabbering about him having the nerve to order me around like I was in his payroll when a staff approached me. He asked me, "Ma'am, kilala po ba ninyo yun?" (ma'am, do you know that guy?). I told him that I don't know the guy and was trash talking about how he ordered me around. The staff told me that the guy is the owner of the building, Makati Cinema Square. Damn him! That was when everything about the Christmas before came back to me.

We were buying stuff @ MCS's Grocery when we heard a man speaking over the CS line at the mall. He said, "You people over the gift section, bakit ang gulo ng pwesto nyo?! kung hindi nyo aayusin yan pronto, you can go to babuyan island for all i care". The hell! You never should treat your employees like that. Never was I treated that way in a public place that is! And to think the "mall" he owns is not even a good place to do business. Darn the man!

Perfect world? Nah.. I don't think we'll ever have one as long as people like Mr. Piggy exist. Throw him to hell like all people as bad as he is then maybe... MAYBE, we can have a perfect world...