100 Things About Me

1. I hate it when people call me "katrina". Please!!!

2. I love my mom so much that i am willing to give my life for her.

3. I love the idea of being in love.

4. I regret losing my "first love" for God. =( I so much want that back.

5. Seph will always be my best friend and the greatest love of my life.

6. I am the eldest in the family. I love my "kapatids" so much

7. I was a straight A student way back. I wish to study again and finish my degree.

8. I can finish a paperback novel in one day.

9. I love books and I cannot live without them.

10. I started earning money on my own at a very young age.

11. I left home and started being independent at the age of 18.

12. I was a very active student. I was juggling student council, organizations and dean's list when I was in college.

13. I love my friends so much.

14. I treasure looong talks with my close friends.

15. I am an extrovert! I love meeting people.

16. I am soooooo talkative! lol

17. I don't keep grudges. But when I am mad, magtago ka na! haha

18. I read tagalog romance novels in between books.

19. I am inlove with the stallion series of PHR! haha!

20. I dream of collecting all books of William Bernhardt and Nelson De Mille. I so love Ben Kincaid!

21. I love mushy romance movies.

22. Pretty Woman is my greatest favorite movie of all time!

23. I love Adam Sandler except on Zohan Movie.

24. I'm a romantic. I want to hear stories of guys doing something special for girls.

25. My IQ accdg to the last test is 144. LOL

26. I easily snap at people if im mad.

27. I love java chip and chocolate cream chip of starbucks. Pag magkaaway tayo, bigyan moko nyan ok na.. hehe

28. I dont like sweets most of the time. I seldom eat chocolates, ice creams and cakes.

29. I love chips! I can eat a whole giant pack in one seating.

30. I prefer coke over pepsi.

31. I love McFries. hehe

32. I can watch 6 movies without rest.

33. I only require 4 hours of sleep a day. (well, most of the time =) hehe)

34. I can stay awake for 72 hours straight.

35. I prefer calling than texting unless in the mood to waste time.

36. I built an organization with my friends. It's called SCENARIO. It's a Community-based theated org.

37. I am really close to my tita's and tito's.

38. I am the eldest apo, pamangkin and anak so i am pressured to be a good example to others. haha

39. I hate anything from the bird kingdom. Im totally scared of them.

40. I was laughed at once when a chick (sisiw) chased me and i screamed.

41. I have cravings when experiencing PMS.

42. I love tollhaus. I love their baked mac and cake (not so sweet)

43. I love the chicken of KFC and the burgers of Burger King.

44. I cook. I am a good cook. (better than my mom)

45. I cannot sing and dance well but i can act.

46. My short term memory is a mess! haha

47. Im not so keen to details. I cannot give a good description to things/people i see.

48. I am good in directions. Once i've been on a place, i wont get lost.

49. My room in pampanga is my sanctuary.

50. I cry. A lot!

51. I started to love metallica and aerosmith because of seph.. No regrets! they are definitely good.

52. I used to love john grisham but his novels became a bore. I prefer Bernhardt talaga...

53. I know lots of old songs. haha

54. I ran away from home at the age of 18.

55. I treasure conference people and powerhouse a lot!

56. I often blabber useless things.

57. I have around 30 good friends. Wow! a lot huh?

58. I have plenty of acquaintances. I mean, they're around 100.

59. I trust easily. My trust easily breaks though. Dont do something stupid.

60. I am not really easy to judge. I want to hear both sides first before making a decision.

61. I hate being cheated on. I really do!

62. I only had one ex. =) seph is my second boyfriend.

63. My favorite color is green. My most favorite song is "More than you'll ever know"

64. I prefer coffee with friends than drinking and clubbing.

65. I want to visit lots of places.

66. I dream of seeing rome and easter islands.

67. I am a pasta eater.

68. My fave fruits are grapes and apples.

69. I love orange juice.

70. I don't eat tomatoes. I hate them.

71. It value people who saw me at my worst! I never let go of friends like that.

72. I dream of buying a flower farm for my mom.

73. I love white roses. I throw red roses that i receive.

74. My fave flowers are lilies and cattleyas.

75. I am proud to be a Kapampangan!

76. I speak kapampangan and ilocano fluently.

77. I want to learn German and French.

78. I work in a call center.

79. I have a lot of patience with Cursing, Irate customers.

80. I want to start saving. Haha...

81. I love taking pictures.

82. I love to hear good gossips but i never share one.

83. I can live with psychotics but not with self centered imbeciles.

84. I value honesty a lot.

85. I hate being left behind.

86. The persons i can speak my mind to are my mom and seph only!

87. I seldom keep my secrets to myself. My life is an open book. haha

88. I want to kiss in the rain. Never tried though. (calling the attention of seph!) haha!

89. I want to have 2 or 3 kids in the future. I want a garden wedding for myself

90. I love butterflies.

91. I find it sweet if someone tells me I'm beautiful even if im sweaty and rugged.

92. I end up eating at the same place because im picky when it comes to food.

93. The only person who I trust completely is my mom.

94. I love good wine.

95. I can drink 8 bottles of beer before being dizzy.

96. I'm stubborn.

97. I hate medicines. I hate doctors and I hate hospitals

98. I played karate before. beware! haha

99. I cant sleep when i am tired!

100. I'm exhausted because of this post. haha