Comments on the Great Book Blockade

I have been reading comments and blogs regarding the issue raised by Hemley at the Mcsweeney's site. I have encountered lots of insights on this matter, especially the in the "legal" aspect. Let me just raise my personal and, i believe, biased opinion.

- Customs Officials are corrupt. This is a fact that every Filipino knows. I am not saying this just because of this particular case but because we have had dealings with these people.

- The Philippine Government needs to straighten this out. Hey, I am a book lover. And I always encourage people to read books. If you will not follow by the rules of the Florence Agreement and let these corrupt officials make the law, we will have few people reading because of high-priced books.

- We learn lots of things from books. It personally enhances my vocabulary and improves my grammar and diction. If we don't protect or create a "book law", we might wake up one day with literacy rate lower than Bhutan! Wake up!

- We are the 2nd most corrupt country in Asia. Wow! It pays to be a Filipino huh?! Ayusin nyo buhay nyo! (fix your lives)

I admire officials who would never succumb to the temptation of corruption- may it be in business, schools, organizations or government. It is a shame to admit that these things happen in our country. Let us resolve to do our little parts in making sure this will be lessened. It is time we work on putting this to stop even if it's just on our own home. remember: great things start from small beginnings.