Im sad today. So I had this bright idea to list the things i am thankful for and the things that made my life uber happy.

I thank God for....

1. my family who loves and supports me in all things i do. I really feel loved for this.

2. letting me see life in a different perspective through Seph.

3. all friends who has been with me through thick and thin. For those friends who understands me though I don't speak about my problems.

4. my job. It's not much but it is a job. It is a big blessing for me and my family especially now that my dad needs constant check-ups and medicine sustenance.

5. Mel, Snowy, Inno, Xandra, JB, Dean, Leo, Milen, Daddy and the people at work who makes my everyday happy. They make me smile when I see them.

6. COnference people - Rehn, Alvin, Dex, Ckhoree, Rich, Khaye, Rein. I love you much. I know I am not visible this past few months. Bawi ako pag may time.

7. Powerhouse - Rhaie, Glena, Dette, Kaname, Danz, Verdict, Joy. You are the light of my "masalimuot" college years! You will always be most special. Remember that!

8. KAYABE - I will always be thankful for those things you taught me, especially the "stand up for what you know is right" lesson. You played a great part on my development as a person. Thank you!

9. Dramatikos - I will always look back to the meetings and plays we've done. "Walang anghel, Walang langit!" LOL!

10. SCENARIO - I might not be active, you might not see me. But never think I wont do everything for you guys! Nica, Kuya Richard, Russel, Kuya Roy, I will love you guys forever!

11. Theater Guild People 2005-2006 - Dale, Rhemz, Rhen, James - the memories of the things we shared will always be one of the most treasured in my life.

12. USC / CSC 2004-2006 - for all those overnights, ngarag moments, takbo sa oval - OSSA - Office times. Salamat!

13. Eng'g people so close to my heart - you'll always be a family. Adopted ako diba?! hehe

14. Mommy Anne and Sir Kleng - you taught me many things about running organizations, time management, BS 101s and leadership. Yes, you taught me a lot! But never will I forget that you showed me how it is possible to love what you do, fight for the things you like and make good friends with anyone - friends and foes alike. I love you both! You will always be my second parent.

15. Nica and Russel - showing me the essence of real friendship, tested through time and overcoming differences. You will always be one of my greatest friends.

16. Elias - for being a real buddy. A great friend as always and for sacrifices you did for me (baha moments remember?) Love you tol! you deserve to be happy.

17. Corky, Lea and Chet , for being the greatest ate in the whole world, salamat! Dakal ku pagkukulang pero I know you love me just the same.

Marami pang kulang kaso di nako makapag-isip. uniiyak nako eh.. take note, asa work ako nito ah.. parang tanga lang!

salamat sa lahat ng taong naging parte ng buhay ko.. (drama, tae!) haha..