I seem LOST!

yeah. i feel lost lately. i have been thinking (meron bako isip?! lol) of the things i wanted and the dreams i had before i entered the corporate world. i wanted to be "somebody". i wanted money, fame, career and a cute boss (xempre naman db?!). those were the days when my college friends will tell me "malayo ang mararating mo."

I am stuck here. I feel rotten that i never lived up to the expectations of people around me. Yes, I am somebody for my parents. I am, as i may say, a great "ate" to my siblings. Hey, i can say i am trying to be a good girlfriend to seph. I still have friends who seek my advise and approval on certain issues.

But i feel like i am a "nobody". I became the exact opposite of the the "ideal kat" that i was dreaming of. A nobody. tsk! Hey, at least our big boss is kinda cute. ;)

i am still young. at my age, people say i have accomplished a lot. nevertheless, i feel bad of not having realized my dream yet. i know i still have time to fulfill my longing of being a "somebody".

Pray for me.