this too shall pass

I have been rereading all books (novels mostly) that I have. I almost got all John Grisham's work. I am still trying to collect William Bernhardt books (hope I will be able to).

Yeah. Life is boring lately. I have to drag myself to work every single day. I have to tell myself this phrase every time I wake up - "this too shall pass"(laziness)! hahaha. I am fed up with being a slave worker. I'm tired of the nonsense policies and nonsense issues. I abhor the sight of some people and the narrowness of mind of folks back there. It got to a point where everything is too much to bear. it is too much that I just distance myself from that world. Hypocrites start crawling under my skin, they are getting into my nerves.

Well, this too shall pass. It might but maybe it won't. Maybe, it will stay with me for a long time. This feeling may never go away. Who cares anyway? I don't think people around me cares. So why should I?